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Love Chronicle (By Resha Lim/FMwS: eng./)
Love Chronicle
By Resha Lim
Holding the mike close to her chest, she breathed heavily. This is the last, she thought.
“Everyone, please listen to my last song. This is dedicated to everyone and for a particular person, a very dear person. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be singing here. So, dedicated to this person, thanking him for everything, here's Love Chronicle…”
The music starts and she begins to sing. Her heart beat faster as she found it harder and harder to breathe. But she kept on singing. Singing this song was much more important than her life.
No mater what,
This hand won't let go,
She dropped to the ground, collapsing with her last breath as a bright light shone in her and revealed her secret…
Chapter 1
Kyohaku Sakura woke up in the sunlight that shone through the window of the orphanage. At the age of 13, she had inherited her mother's looks. Beautiful golden hair that shone like the moon, starry eyes, each a delicate blue that matched her father's, cheeks that were as red as roses. But the most precious gifts that she inherited were her never-giving up spirits and her cleansing voice that sang marvelously. Her parents were both singers in a band called Moonlight Destiny and she had inherited their dreams as well as she too, decided to one day become a singer. But life was not easy for the young girl. She had been adopted by her grandmother, her mother's mother whom strictly forbids music and can't stand the slightest melodies. Kyohaku has a hard time trying to achieve her dreams. It was not only her parents being musicians that kept her strong, it was a promise, a promise she had made to a special person 2 years ago. Kyohaku looked at the 2003 calendar that hung perfectly on her wall. It had a star-filled background. Shichiyou Kanzaki had given it to her before he left for America when his foster parents adopted him. Staring at it, she had a flashback.
Shichiyou, no, don't leave me here,” Tears had flooded Kyohaku's eyes. “You're the only friend I have.”
“Kyohaku, America isn't that far away. Let's make a promise. Until we meet again, let's work harder towards our dreams. I, an astronomer and Kyohaku, a singer. Promise me?”
I promise…” Kyohaku said, tears rolling down her face.
Shichiyou then walked towards the taxi with his foster parents inside. Turning to face Kyohaku one last time, he whispered silently so only Kyohaku could hear, “I love you, Kyohaku…”
Kyohaku snapped back to reality. Yes, she thought. I must soon achieve my dreams. She seized open from a drawer, a letter stating that she had qualified for the final audition. I'm going to pass this, she told herself. She was going to audition a song of her parents, one of the two songs her teacher at the orphanage had let her hear.
Combing her hair in front of the mirror, she started to practice.
Hey, won't you look up,
The sky tonight is so bright and spacious after all,
Right, very soon----
She was cut off by a killing pain in her throat. The tumor in her throat was hurting her so much; she couldn't even let out a cry. Unfortunately for her, a tumor in her throat was discovered a few months ago, when she was taken to her first medical check up at the nearby hospital, where Kyohaku's father's best friend, Kiritani Yozora worked. He acted like a second father to Kyohaku and was very kind to her. In return, Kyohaku liked her doctor very much.
“Kyohaku, Dr. Kiritani is here,” Kyohaku's maid, Kanna Manasaki informed.
“Good morning, Kyohaku. Feeling better today? I'm here to apply some medication on that tumor of yours. May I?”
“Sure, doctor,”
The doctor gently applied the medicine. Kyohaku's throat felt much better than before.
“There, it's done.”
“Doctor, can you make as if you're taking me to the hospital today?”
“What are you up to, Kyohaku? I know you're not exactly a big fan of the hospital,” asked the curious doctor, with a small grin on his face.
“Ta-da!” Kyohaku, said, showing the piece of paper she had gotten. “Mystical Reed Record's Audition! I qualified for the finals.”
The expression on the doctor's face was immediately switched.
“Kyohaku, I understand this is part of your dream and promise to Shichiyou, but as your doctor, I cannot allow you to audition in this condition. Didn't you catch a cold yesterday and had to leave school early?”
Kyohaku looked down, her eyes watering.
“Kyohaku, I'm sorry, but this is one thing I cannot do. Besides, with your throat tumor, you can't sing loudly.”
“But doctor, I have to try. If I don't do it now, I may never get the chance again.”
“Look, why don't we try an operation while your throat tumor's stills small?”
“They'll be chances that I'll lose my voice right? That I totally cannot sing or talk right?”
“I can't promise you that won't happen, Kyohaku, Ijust want you to live. Your life is more important than singing, Kyohaku; you have to realize that,” said the doctor, sounding more stern than he intended to.
“If that's the case, I don't want to do it, doctor. You see, singing is my life. What's more frightening than death is not being able to sing for my whole life. Singing is what brings me joy, doctor, even if I can only sing a song or two. I…I'm sorry, doctor, just…” she stopped. She looked up and smiled, “I'm sorry doctor, I won't do it.”
“But you're too young to die. There's so much more to life. Think it over, Kyohaku. There's so much more to see,
“Thanks for caring, doctor, but life is meaningless if I can't achieve what I want and I want to sing more than anything. Mum and dad would understand that,”
“Goodbye, then, Kyohaku, but remember, it's still not too late,”
“I appreciate it, doctor. Goodbye,”
And with that, the doctor went out, sighing to himself. She's so much like Kagura, he thought, thinking of Kyohaku's mother. Kagura, with her voice that even an angel could not beat, as beautiful as a Siren's, cleansing and purifying.
“Thanks for coming along, Dr. Kiritani,” said Kanna, politely.
“Sorry for having to bother you during your day off,” apologized Kyohaku's grandma.
“It's okay. I promised to look after Kyohaku after her parents died,”
“Anyhow, thank you,”
Dr Kiritani entered his car, a bright silver Honda, letting out a sigh. He had been trying to convince her to do the operation for three months and each time proved unsuccessful. He feared her throat's condition would worsen if this goes on. He couldn't bear to see Kyohaku die and insisted that she should go for the operation. At the same time, going against Kyohaku's will would make her unhappy and Kiritani wouldn't want that either. Damn it, he thought. The car stopped at the cemetery. Kiritani came out with two bouquets of flowers. He walked up the staircase and stopped at two gravestones. There hung two lockets, one in the shape of a sun and the other a moon. Those were the graves of the two most important people in his life, Taiyou Sakura and Getsuei Kohaku and now they were gone. He lighted the incense which filled the air with its smell. A soft gentle breeze blew, calming and cooling. He bent down and placed the bouquets of flowers each on the graves of his friends. Silent tears escaped his eyes as he remembered what he had failed to do and prevent. Sprinkling some holy water over the graves, he wished them to rest in peace.
“Another failure, I guess,” sighed Kyohaku, disappointed, tossing the piece of paper in her hand into her open drawer, where more pieces of paper alike were. She took out a book about space. On the first page was a picture of her together with Shichiyou.


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